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Dear GRRF Friends: We currently have these "Golden Hearts"

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2 yr old, spayed female, little yellow Lab mix.  She is from the bush and wasn't too sure about city life, but she has learned to love it.  Dee is a very silly little girl.  Everything is new to her.  She has been through basic obedience classes and has done very well.  She is good with other dogs after a slow introduction.  She is learning to trust them and play with them.  She has really learned to trust people and is soooooo out of her shell. 



9 month old, neutered male, black Lab.  Gus is a smaller sized Lab with a gorgeous face.  He is very good with other dogs.  Gus is a lab, so he likes his food and was a little too overzealous at the shelter.  He is undergoing training for food aggression and his is doing fantastic.  Gus is a super smart and loving Lab. 


1 yr old, spayed female, yellow Lab mix.  Buffy is a super silly, happy Lab with loads of energy.  She needs an active home with a sense of humor. 


1yr old, spayed female, Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix.  Marley is slighly smaller than a golden.  She is very calm and loves to cuddle.  She is very shy at first but warms up very well. 




Mia is a nine-year-old Lab/Dalmatian mix. She was returned to us after two years with a new family due to health issues.  She has been diagnosed with a thyroid issue that is easily treatable with a very inexpensive medication.  She is small, weighing around 40 lbs. She is very affectionate and enjoys nothing more than a snuggle on the couch.  She is great with other kids and dogs.  She just doesn't do cats. :)



Snickers is a year old Golden Doodle.  Snickers was traumatized early on in life and is very insecure and does not like/will not approach people.  He needs another dog in the house to feel comfortable enough to go in and out to potty and play.  He loves to play with other dogs just not people.  He loves the couch and bed and is willing to snuggle and be loved on in either of those two places.  If you think you have the patients and love to work with Snickers please send us an email so that we can talk with you about his needs. 



Harley is a 2 yr old yellow lab.  He has just come into foster care. As we get to know him we will post more information.



Chance is a 3 yr old male Chocolate lab.  He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.  As we get to know him we will post more information. 



Abby is a 4 yr old lab mix. She has a good spirit and is very kind and gentle. She has just come into foster care and will be ready for consideration next week.  As we get to know her we will post more information. 



Roxy lost her battle with her liver shunt. Due to the disease she had recurring urinary tract infections and soon we ran out of options for her.  Dr. Priddy, a Veterinary Surgical Specialist attempted to repair the shunt but it was inoperable.  Roxy was an extremely happy and dear little lab.  We will miss her dearly but please know GRRF did all they could and she was in a home and loved to the end.


Roxy is a 10 month old pure Chocolate lab. She was diagnosed with an incurable liver shunt.  She has a wonderful spirit and is too lovely to put down.  She will need that special person or family that can love her and care for her. The average life span for this disease is around six years.  If you are interested please send an email to so we can talk with youa about her needs.



We are very sad to say that Callie pasted away after a severe bout with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.  We thank Dr. Maddux and Dr. Cole from Aurora Animal Clinic for doing their very best to save her.  We miss her very much.

Callie is an eight year old female herding mix lab.  She has a very sweet disposition.  Her hearing is not the best. She is good with kids and kennels well.  She is very much a people dog and loves to be loved on.



Charcoal is a delightful two-year old lab mix.  She is very friendly and gets along well with other dogs.  She is very patient, even with little ones who “love” her a lot.  She knows basic commands, and is excellent in the house, quiet for such a young lab.  She promises to be a wonderful family dog.



Murphy is a 2yr old lab collie mix.  Murphy has a lot of energy and loves to be loved on.  Murphy is very affectionate and loyal.  He is able to live with other dogs.  He is currently in foster care with two older dogs.  Please contact us for even more details.




Buddy is a 6yr old yellow lab. He is extremely calm and is excellent with children and other dogs.  His favorite thing to do is play ball.



Jack is a lovely  9 yr old yellow lab in excellent condition. Jack is too wonderful of a dog to still be in foster care.  He is sure there is a family that will take him and love him thru his older years.  He is kind, polite and has great house manners.  He doesn't even require a kennel when left alone.  He does ask that you not have any cats as they are just to tempting.  He does well with older children, other dogs or as an only.  Please consider Jack as your loving companion. 



Kenzie is a one year old yellow lab mix.  She has been returned to GRRF and is again available.  She is a smaller size yellow lab.  She originally came from a place where she lived in a closet.  She has recovered nicely from this experience but it did leave her reactive to new dogs. She is currently in foster care with two other dogs and is doing well so all is not lost.  She would do well to be in a house where she is the only dog.  She is great with kids and full of energy.



Kyra is a seven year old lab/golden cross.  Kyra is another one of those special older dogs that is in need of tender loving care.  She is worthy of being loved through her older years.  She is hoping to find that family who will love her as she is.  She doesn't have the best hips in the world and is working on putting on some much needed weight.  She isn't perfect but is very happy, gentle, and loving. She loves people and gets along well with other dogs.



Pebbles is an 8-year-old female Golden. In the pictures she looks like a lion because she was shaved due to being very matted and dirty.  When her hair grows back she will again be a pretty little golden.  Pebbles has the kindest, most patient temperament. She is great with small children and loves to play with other dogs.  She likes walking with her person and does well on leash.

Pebbles will be a great family dog.



While Cole doesn't meet the criteria of a golden he did come into our lives and is worthy of being adopted by a loving family.  Cole is a 2yr old male Akita/Chow mix.  He is great with other dogs and has a very happy sweet disposition.  He would like to stay away from homes that have small children but doesn't mind teenagers.  If you are interested please contact Susan Sampson (388-3477) to schedule a visit.

Tiffany and Ladybug


Tiffany and Ladybug (Tiff and Bug)are two old friends. Tiff is a 12yr old yellow lab and Bug is a 9yr old black lab. They come from the Anchorage shelter where they had languished for some time; folks thought they are just "too old." Old girls need love too! They are a delightful pair, and really should remain together; they really are BFF's. Both are in excellent health and have had vet checks and been spayed. Though Bug is more energetic than Tiff they both like to play. They get along well with other dogs.They are sweet tempered and love any little attention given to them. Both have excellent house manners. A family with older children is recommended.



Zeus is a 8 month old boxer lab mix. Zeus came to us from a family with children. He is a very kind dog with excellent house manners. He has also been around cats with no notable issues.



Murphy is a 9yr old male Golden Retriever.  Great dog.  Good house manners and good with kids.  He also loves to go for walks.





Ebony is a nice size 7 month old black lab mix. She is very friendly with good house manners.  Just don't leave the dryer sheets or paper on the floor.  :)

She is a little nervous being outside by herself and likes to have you with her while she is outside.



Wyatt is a 3.5 year old golden. He is very affectionate and would love nothing more than to get loved on and be your shadow. He like most goldens has to bring you something when he greets you. If he cant find a toy he will just bring you his tail. He would do best in a home with no other dogs or children. 



Kenai is a about a 2yr old 80lb Chesapeake/Lab/Golden mix. He is a true young lab full of energy. He came from a family with kids and settles nicely when he is by himself. 



2yr old spayed female, Lab boxer cross. Google is calm and quiet.  She thrives in a more mature and quiet natured home. She is very affectionate.  She will come up to you, put her head on your lap and wait for you to love on her.  She gets along with other dogs and all of her time in foster care has been in homes with two dogs.  Google is an amazing dog deserving of a loving family.




Chole is an 9 yr old yellow lab.  She is very mellow and loves to just hang out with the family. She is well mannered and will make a great addition to someones family.  She has spent just about all of her life living with children.



Houston is a 2 years old Golden Retriever.  He has a very  sweet disposition and the exuberance of a true golden.  He is kind with kids and other dogs.  He is good on and off leash. He sticks close on walks and comes when called. He has good basic obedience, including a good start to a stay command.  He can  be left free in the house, but will kennel if asked.  He chews appropriate toys and likes to carry things in his mouth. Houston is a coddler and likes nothing better than throwing himself at your side on the couch!  



Duke is a 3 yr old yellow lab.  Duke is a tall lab and could be considered leggy.  He is calm and well mannered.




Sasha is a seven-year-old pure Chocolate Lab.  She is full of energy and in great shape. She loves to be with people and has wonderful house manners. Sasha is looking for home where she will be the only dog in the house.  She unfortunately does not do well being around other dogs.  We know there is that special home that will love her for who she is.





Charlie is a big hearted black lab in a pint size package.  He is one and a half years old and only weighs about 50lbs.  He is great with kids, other dogs, anything.  He is easy going and a little heart stealer.  He has been recovering from some major pelvis surgery a few months back; consequently he has a little hitch in his gitty-up but doesn't miss a beat or a treat! 




9 week old lab/husky mix.



Hank is a wonderful 4yr old golden.  Playful, happy, calm and silly.  Loves to roll around on his ball and go for walks in the woods.  Hank loves the snow!  He is calm in the house, doesn’t chew or get into things.  He would prefer to be the only dog in the family as he does not do well living with other dogs. He is totally devoted to humans.  Hank loves to go with and would be great for someone who needs a buddy 24/7. 



9 week old lab/husky mix.




8 week old lab/husky mix.




14 week old lab/husky mix.

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GRRF News: Patient Foster Homes Needed  

SO MANY DESERVING DOGS -- so few homes...   We routinely have to turn away deserving, loving dogs due to a lack of foster homes. Please Help!  GRRF needs foster homes interested in taking on pups, teenage (6 months to 2 years)  and older dogs. Foster home information is available here: Golden Retriever Rescue of Fairbanks - Fostering

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