Dude, Dora & Debbie






Dude, Dora and Debbie are 8 week old Lab/husky puppies.  Their mom is a field line yellow Labrador that dug out under the fence. The family needed assistance placing the puppies.  Mom is getting spayed in a few weeks to prevent this from happening again and the family learned how much effort raising puppies can be.  Dude is the lightest of the puppies and so cool and more laid back.  Dora is truly the "explorer" and always perpetually happy.  Little Debbie is as sweet as a cookie.  She is the smallest and very affectionate as all of them are.  These puppies have been well socialized and their mom and the families other lab have done a great job socializing them with other dogs.  They have great manners with other dogs and are very used to playing with adult dogs in foster care too.  Tic and Sadie two of the other foster dogs who have had pups in the recent past (are now spayed) really enjoy playing and teaching the pups.  Dude, Dora and Debbie are all spayed, neutered, wormed, tattooed, have had their first vaccinations  and are ready to go to well prepared and loving homes.