Zeus is a 12 yr old neutered male, Labrador cross.  He is being relinquished due a move to New Zealand.  The couple has had him since birth as they had his mother.  They have traveled with and eventually moved here with him but the long flight and quarantine in New Zealand they fear would be too much for him.  He was hit by a car as a puppy and had a pelvis injury.  Now as a senior he has arthritis but gets around quite well.  He can do a few stairs and needs a home easy for an older dog to get around in.  We have had Zeus completely checked and have x-rays and bloodwork.  He is in very good health otherwise.  Zeus is a very sweet and personable gentleman.  He is gentle and loving and adores people and being petting.  The couple has tried very hard to place him but they are leaving Christmas weekend and they can no longer foster him.  He will stay with us now until a home can be found. 


   Contact us at our email, info@grrf.org