Samantha Memorial


October 14, 2004:  With great sadness and defeat, the decision was made today to end Samantha's suffering. The seizures were getting worse and it is suspected that the cause was a related tumor in the brain.

Samantha had a seizure Tuesday night and four yesterday.  GRRF, the medical team and the relinquishing family conferred.  We all made the decision that it was in Samantha's best interest to let her go.  The high dose of Phenobarb was making her pant, pace and ravenous.  We tried to slightly lower her dose and add Potassium Bromide that helps but she still had seizures.  She had two before 8 a.m. today.  She circled in her cage and rubbed a sore on her face from scraping the cage wall during lunch hour on Wednesday.  She was very weak and dazed all day and then she had one trying to go to the bathroom.  Poor dog.  The relinquishing family offered to pay all her vet bills and thanked us for trying. 

It was very sad but for the best for Samantha.  Our hearts go out to Samantha's family.  

October 13, 2004:  Poor Samantha- she is having a very hard time, due to seizures.  As of Monday, the medical experts were still scrambling to figure out how to best medicate her.  She came in with high phenobarb levels to control the seizures, but the medication level made her pant and very ravenous.  Dr. Maddux has added another drug with fewer side effects to decrease the Phenobarbital. 

GRRF's most medically trained foster family has her and reports that Samantha's condition is a handful but that she can't help it.  She is a lovely old golden but she pants, barks and has to eat anything and everything.  She is much better on a lower dose but we fear she may have a seizure (but we have to get her to a lower dose to be sane). 

Last night in the clinic, she had a seizure but came out of it alright.  Her last episode consisted of cluster seizures which are very bad and she took a day to come out of it back in August.  Last night, it was short and sweet and she was up and normal in 5 minutes.  Whew! 

She is home now with her foster family and howling--which will stop in 5-10 min and then fall asleep.  Next week we get to lower her dose again.   Keep your fingers crossed. 

It is so sad as she is a very beautiful golden and groomed immaculately.  She is much better than she was on last week (10/06/04) when she was relinquished. Samantha is calming down to a routine so I think that will help too. 

If you have a big heart and am experienced in caring for a senior dog suffering from seizures, please contact us at our e-mail,  We need help!