12/28/06 Secret came in for a recheck and the lameness had sadly moved to her other front leg and her neck was now distorted.  The Vets at Aurora gave us the very bad news that this was now not just a simple lameness but a tumor in either her spine or brain that was slowly going to take over motor function of all of her legs.  She had gotten much worse over the Christmas holiday.  Secret finally had a home with a loving lady that came to hold her and say goodbye with us as we had to let her go.  Secret was an amazing young dog that touched the lives of all that knew her.  We all loved her and she will always remain dear to our hearts. 

  12/8/06 Secret injured her right shoulder playing too hard and is on rest for a week.  She has had a thorough vet check and should be fine soon.  However, Secret doesn't think there is anything wrong with her.  This is a great dog!!!!!  We think she is part shepherd more that husky.  She is starting to get a more herding dog look with the lab than husky.  She is completely housebroken and knows many commands.   

  11/18/06 Secret came back from a trial due to the family realizing that puppyhood was a lot of work even with a pup as good as Secret. Her fostermom has a 9 month old lab that Secret loves to play with.  Her dedicated fostermom Sarah took Secret through the rest of her puppy obedience class and Secret was the star pupil. 

  9/22/06  These puppies are 15 weeks old and came to us from Friends 4 Life Rescue in Delta.  Their mom was a Lab and the owner had killed her and was about to kill the puppies too but the rescue group talked him out of them.  They raised the puppies by hand and moved them to GRRF to be in town to get a better chance at a home.  These pups are very adorable.  They are crate trained and learning house manners.  They are all spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tattooed.  They have great social skills with people and other pets.  JJ is the most outgoing and the most lab looking.  Pooh is very sweet and really just wants to please you.

Secret is the outgoing female and has loads of personality.  Victoria is the most quiet but still gets silly and playful.    



    JJ- male (Adopted)  POOH - male(Adopted)


       SECRET - female    VICTORIA - female





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