I think Steve said it best:
Our family lost a vital part of itself, today.

At 11AM, this morning, Mackenzie, (Kona Mackenzie Koffee Krisp,) went where all good dogs go.

She was our miracle dog, having survived Melanoma, Chemo, a stroke, and years of having to listen to me tell her not to get into the muddy water, or go perform her favorite chore, "Poop Patrol."

But she couldn't survive one of the bad side effects of being a pure bred Golden Retriever. She died after yet more, fast-growing cancer had apparently taken over her spleen, and ruptured. Thankfully, it seemed to be painless. She was fine at 6AM this morning. Listless and unable to walk well by 9AM.

She was at ease when the time came. Kim and I brought Murphy Brown along, (our other Old Golden,) to the vet's private office to say our good-byes.

We will surely miss her. We will never forget her. I know everyone feels sad at times like this. We will most likely fight that sadness by helping rescue yet another Golden from a bad situation.

Mackenzie Gyuricsko
9/2/92 -- 4/27/04